Welcome to Romanceopoly 2020

Welcome to Romanceopoly 2020!  You asked for it and we’re here to deliver.  Another year and a new set of reading challenges for the new year.  If you joined up in 2019, thank you so much and hope you had a good time reading with us.  And also for sending in your feedback on how we could make this challenge better.  We hope that we’ve taken your comments and done something that works for you guys.

The Romanceopoly site has everything you need to play, from the rules and challenges to recommendations, printables to genre guides. We’ve tried to think of everything that you’ll need but if we’ve missed anything, please let us know. Below is a little guide to what you can find on the site:

The Rules

If you’re going to sign up, you probably want to know what you’ll be doing first! We have created a simple set of rules for the challenge and a general overview of Romanceopoly. The rules explain the different levels of the challenge you can do depending on the amount of reading time you have free; how you know what challenge to do next and what you will need to participate.

The Challenges

If you want to see the reading challenges you will be tackling in Romanceopoly this is the place to go. We have put them all in one handy place. We’ve also mixed it up a little and won’t be revealing some of the challenges until later on in the year. But don’t worry, we will keep you updated.


We wanted Romanceopoly to be visual, interactive and creative. As that’s the case we have created a host of printables for you. You can print out the board in different sizes and either in full colour or plain so you can decorate it yourself – there will be a giveaway at the end of the year for the best board! There are also idea cards where you jot down the possibilities you have for each of the different challenges. They are all beautifully designed and we encourage you to use them as creatively as possible.

Genre Guide

We’ve covered a wide array of genres for Romanceopoly as we wanted to give everyone a chance to read outside their usual choices. As that’s the case, we have put together a useful set of guides that will help you identify what book belongs in what genre.


Sometimes you just don’t know what to pick up! I certainly know I have that problem especially with genres I am not familiar with. So, we have gathered together our recommendations for each of the challenges. These are books that we have read, loved and can’t wait for you to try out!

Social Media

Stay tuned to our social media accounts to find out what the social media prompts will be so that you can share along using the hashtag #romanceopoly.  There will be one prompt per month.

On behalf of Under the Covers, Peace Love Books and our 2020 sponsor Forever Romance we are excited for you to join Romanceopoly and we can’t wait for you to join us!

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I’m so happy that you’ve decided to start this reading challenge again becuase lastt year I joined it so late (in november, I think). I can’t wait to start it!

[…] Welcome to Romanceopoly 2020 […]