Digital Romanceopoly Tracker Tutorials

We are so excited to introduce you to some new Romanceopoly trackers available in 2023! While we’ve always provided the printed idea cards, and the board of course, digital trackers were not always considered. We offered an Airtable tracker in 2020 but this year we have some new options you can use. Here’s some quick tutorials on how to use them. On this post we are reviewing how to use the Digital Planner for your tablet using a Notes app, the Notion template and the Storygraph Challenge. If you have any questions still, just let us know.

What is Romanceopoly?

If you’ve found this page and are wondering, what in the world is Romanceopoly? It’s a year long romance reading challenge that is visual, interactive, fun and easy to dive into. Find out more here.

2023 Digital Romanceopoly Tracker Tutorials

So where do you get our free trackers? All the tracking options that we’ve created to help you can be found to either download or linked on our Printables section of this website.

Notion Romanceopoly Tracker

If you sign up for a Notion account using my affiliate link below, I will receive a small commission.

This is already one of the most requested tutorials and I am personally the most excited about. Notion is the tool that I use the most to organize my whole life and I had fun creating this template for you guys to track everything about this challenge. I’ve done a video going over all the sections of the template and how it works. The only thing you need to have is a FREE Notion account. To use this template you don’t have to upgrade your plan. In fact, most things you can do in Notion you can achieve with a free account. But that’s a topic for another day. If you don’t have an account yet, click here.

Some of the benefits of using the Notion tracker:

  • You can download the Notion app to your computer or access it via web from anywhere
  • There’s a phone and tablet app as well, so your Notion is always one swipe of your fingers away

How to use the Notion Romanceopoly tracker

GoodNotes Romanceopoly Tracker

For all of you fans of digital planners, which do seem to be all the rage right now and for good reasons, I’ve created a simple PDF you can use to digitally track your challenge. This is very basic, no hyperlinks, no tabs. You could also, in theory, print it out if you wanted.

In order to use this digitally you will need a Notes app on your phone or tablet. For the purposes of the tutorial video I’ve used GoodNotes and I’m using an iPad.

How to use the GoodNotes Romanceopoly planner

Quick overview


And the last new thing we have created for you this year is the Storygraph challenge. If you have a Storygraph account, you can simply JOIN the challenge and add books to each prompt. Once you read a book that you’ve “assigned” to the prompt, it’ll mark it as prompt complete. Storygraph tracks your overall progress on the challenge. The only thing you can’t do is set it so that you’re doing less challenges for the year. It’s set at the whole 39 challenges on the board.

How to use the Storygraph Reading Challenge

Have you decided yet how you’ll be tracking your Romanceopoly progress in 2023?

Hopefully these are helpful ideas and useful resources that you can use for tracking your Romanceopoly reading challenge in 2023. You can even use a combination of them! Let us know in the comments which is your favorite.

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When I click on the link to go to duplicate the challenge in Notion, it takes me to my Notion but the challenge isn’t there to duplicate. What am I doing wrong?


I absolutely love the ideal of this reading challenge. I viewed your entire website and watched the tutorial. I followed the link under challenges and signed up for a notion account. Now I’m stuck… I can’t find the duplicate in the upper right corner, I also search and viewed additional videos on the internet but can’t find romanceopoly in the template on notion to duplicate…. Please help.