2021 Romanceopoly Update

Welcome to 2021!! Last year was a hectic year, I think we can all agree on that. And because of that, we’ve had to make some adjustments to all of our schedules. Sadly, running a new version of Romanceopoly for 2021 was one of the things we couldn’t fit on the schedule.

So we are sad to announce that in 2021 there won’t be a new Romanceopoly board with new challenges. However, we encourage you to browse through the site and access the 2020 boards (two of them) and the 2019 board which can be found here:

Hopefully you guys can still have a good time recreating one of our previous Romanceopoly board challenges for this year and stay tuned for more info coming from us this year as to future updates on Romanceopoly!

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That’s perfect. I’m going back and completing the moon challenges, since I did sun last year!

Astoria Jackson

I was waiting to see if anything new came to this challenge for the year but of course with the hectic day to day, I forgot to come back and check. I’ll miss you guys in 2021 but can’t wait to see what comes in future rounds.